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March 11, 2014

Send Your Nose to School With Wine Aroma Kits

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Since wine is a beverage, many of us who love it automatically think taste is the most important sense necessary to enjoy our nectar of the grape. Not so fast; the sense of smell is equally important and works with your taste buds to provide wine enjoyment. We won’t go into all the science of how smell and taste actually work but let’s just say if you “educate” your nose, your taste buds will reap the benefit.

To Really Taste Wine You Need to be Able to Smell It



Most of us who drink wine can identify certain smells. We can distinguish what is a good smell and what is an undesirable one but maybe we can’t put a name to many of them. Often we use general words like “jammy” or “fruity” or “peppery” or “citrusy” to describe wine but with aroma kits you can take it to the next level.

Use the included vials to compare smells and you’ll be surprised to find that–after just a little practice–you’ll be experiencing a whole new dimension in wine. Soon you’ll be much more specific in your smell perception and using words like “eucalyptus” or “fig” or “plum” to describe your wine.



Professional sommeliers and wine experts didn’t achieve that status just because they’ve tasted lots of wine. They know how to taste wine, and gather the most information from that tasting, which makes all the difference. And for most of them, aroma kits have played a big role in their professional wine education.


wine-gifts-pulltex-deluxe-wine-essences-collection---40-piece-set-pulltex-sku8891-23A more sophisticated nose will only increase your enjoyment of wine so give aroma kits a try. Test yourself the next time you open a bottle or use them at your next wine-tasting party. Whether you’re beginners or experts, there are many different wine essences sets available. It’s always fun to see who can pick out which smells and who has the most talented nose!

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