Maybe you think of yourself as a wine drinker and not a collector. But then you came across that great deal on your favorite Cab and bought a case. Then the wine store had a case deal on Rioja you couldn’t pass up. Before you knew it you had several cardboard boxes of wine stashed in the closet or the basement. Guess what? You are now a wine collector! And like all pursuers of great collecting hobbies, we tend to keep accumulating things (that is the goal, after all).

Collecting Problem? Trilogy Wine Cellars are the Solution!

So what do you do with your collection? Hmmm. Think of it this way: what if you had a collection of rare coins or stamps? You wouldn’t just leave them lying about in boxes, you’d keep them safe and secure. It’s the same with wine.  You’ve spent more money than you like to admit on wine so it’s time to invest in a quality wine refrigerated storage system.






Trilogy Wine Cellars, which come in several different sizes and colors, are a perfect solution for many collectors. The basis for each option is a compartment that holds 16 bottles in the standard configuration but shelves are removable to accommodate more or over-sized bottles. More importantly, each compartment has a separate temperature control (so you could keep reds in one, champagne in another, etc.) and the glass door to each has a key lock. Compartments also feature LED lighting so your bottles can be shown off under a blue glow.


We almost forgot one very important point. Yes, these are refrigerators but don’t expect a big non-descript metal-box appliance. Trilogy Wine Cellars are designed to look like fine furniture and crafted with that same care. From the standard 3-compartment Trilogy Wine Cellar to the 12-compartment Trilogy Quad Wine Cellar to the Trilogy Credenza there is an option for collections of very size or a match for any décor.


If you want to read more about the importance of keeping wine at a proper temperature, be sure to check out our Wine Vine Imports Blog post from last fall: Protect Your Investment and Keep Your Taste Buds Happy