You came to the right spot for a  wide selection of wine luggage.  WineVine Imports has many wine travel cases and rolling wine luggage suitable for Wine Reps, Wine Producers / Wineries, Wine Organizations, Company Promotional Gifts,  Wine Tasting Travel Groups and International Travelers with Wine.


Rolling Wine Luggage for Wine Sales Professionals

For those of us who are in the trade of wine such as, beverage and wine representatives, we recommend selecting a rolling wine tote with pockets for folders, wine notes, pens, wine reviews / articles, business cards, wine aerator and other wine accessories.  There are two velcro pockets located on the sides and a zippered compartment located on the front of the bag where the logo is applied.  It's the bottle limousine of wine carriers for wine sales professionals and wine tasting groups.

goodhope_12_bottle_logo Wine_luggage_12



Wine sales representatives like this bag for organization but also due to the easy care and durable fabric, polyester, it is made from.  They also enjoy the inline skate wheels for easy movement.  The rolling wine tote allows for up to 12 bottle wine travel.  Six of the twelve bottle padded compartments are detachable.  This well thought out design allows for the wine traveler to travel with options.  For instance, you could travel with wine and other beverages, wine and glasses or use it as a cooler instead.

Silk screen logo production is the most popular logo application for these bags since it's less expensive than logo embroidery.  Both options are available for customizable company logo wine luggage.


Wine Luggage for Wineries and Wine Country Travel

Are you visiting the wine country?  If so, be prepared with a 12 bottle rolling wine carrier.  Most wineries will ship cases of wine for free to your home town.  If you want to purchase a bottle from each winery, we highly recommend traveling with this carrier.  Wine tasting tours are the perfect way to take home a sampling of wine from each winery for future enjoyment.  Collect a bottle or two from each tasting room and use this rolling wine bag for safe wine country travel.  Make sure you request a 12 bottle shipping box from one of the winery tours.  This way by the end of your trip you can ship them back home.

LG-597-00-179-000-0_Closed_ASI Bodega_rolling_wine_tote

If you are using this for an event with several sponsors, send us all the logos.  The Wine Luggage with Wheels and Logo has room for several logo applications.

International Air Travel with Wine

I wish I had a 12 bottle wine suitcase with wheels on a recent trip to Spain.  We tasted Albarinos that were to die for!  If I planned in advance, I could have brought home an entire case of this delicious wine found only in Spain.  Wine suitcases are the safest way to travel with wine on planes.  Have you ever boarded a plane and watched the bag handlers throw luggage onto the ramp?  If so, you know never to add wine in checked luggage.  It will break!

Wine suitcases are hard, durable cases designed for shipping air travel checked wine.

Wine Suitcases for International Wine Travel


What makes our air travel bottle cases so unique?

  • WATER AND AIRTIGHT SEALS- securely protect your wine from critical temperature situations.
  • HEAVY DUTY CORE CONSTRUCTION designed with strength in mind but also lightness for ease of travel.
  • CLOSED CELL FOAM INTERIOR offering thermal insulation as well as maximum protection against major risks of travel such as impact, vibration, and thermal shock.
  • Secure and easy opening CORROSION PROOF latches allow for easy opening to show for security reasons, and easy re-closure.
  • METAL REINFORCED PADLOCK provides added security and protection against possible theft.
  • TELESCOPING AND HIDE-AWAY HANDLES offer additional convenience for travel and packing.