It's no secret that there are few things in life that are as complex and refined as wine.  It is great to see so many people with an appreciation of those complexities too.  As a retailer of complimentary accessories and furniture, we share that same love of wine.

Wine bloggers are an essential provider of great information, opinion and fun facts to the public as a whole, and there are some absolutely great posts out there.  Beginning in January, we've decided to start recognizing the GREAT posts that we come across, and choose our one favorite post every month. Here are our choices so far!

Wine Blog Post Wall of Fame

January 2012 Wine Blog Post of the Month

You Are Not Allergic to Sulfites

Sulfites almost always makes the way into the conversation and and now I have a fact about whites that I did not know and will surely pass this around to help my friends with their heads!  Well, some of them anyway......

February 2012 Wine Blog Post of the Month

How to order wine without looking like an idiot…

You've heard of vlogs, right? It's basically a video blog. It was this brilliant video that caught our attention this month. Sometimes, we've all found outselves just staring at a few wine lists and resorting to the "Eenie-Minie-Miney-Moe" technique. Loved the friendly, humorous, tips this month!