You start off with what your local big boxes like Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Total Wine offer as a wine selection. Then you watch some shows, takes some classes, and attend some real wine tastings. Soon enough, you're loving the taste and aroma of wine. And before you know it; the better wines you drink; the pickier your selections. Now you're becoming a Wine Snob.

Relax. This is OK. In this day and age, being a wine aficionado is one hell of an accomplishment to pad your life's resume.  I've been through this transition and quickly found myself searching for ways to enhance the overall experience of my wine tastings.

Here are a few tips for starters:


1.)   Wine Glasses

Once you refine your taste and appreciation of higher quality wines, hopefully you'll explore the wonderful selections of wine glasses.  The shape and thinness of the rim on a crystal glass enhances the wine experienced immeasurably.  As you learn the different subtleties that exist in glasses, you can have your own wine tasting parties and confidently pair glasses with whichever wines you wish to sample.

Aerate wine with the Nuance Wine Finer2.)   Decanters and Wine Aerators


The next step to becoming a total wine lover is tasting the effects of wine aerators. These magnificent wine tools magnify the flavor and bouquet of wine. Try a blind taste test with yourself or with a group of fellow wine lovers; you'll marvel at the difference. If you have an hour or two to kill try a bottle of wine with a Ravenscroft Crystal Decanter you'll be floored by the difference!

Wine Carriers with Glasses in Travel Cases

3.)   Wine Carriers

Now that you've learned about the wonderful improvements of a more expensive better quality wine, the affects of aerators and wine glasses, you'll be on the road to 'Wine Snob'.  You might even buy a wine carrier and bring a bottle to the restaurant because their selection isn't up to your newly heightened standards.  It's OK -- I do that too!  Not all restaurants have owners that love wine, nor do they understand that their dishes complimenting it with the right glass of wine. So, pick out a stylish wine carrier, buy a corking fee, and enjoy savor the meal with YOUR glass of wine.



Shop rich and sophisticated Wrought Iron Wine Racks.

4.)   Wine Racks

The last step I've experienced as a growing wine lover, is -- well, let's face it; hoarding.  I love wine tasting and stocking up for the year on the hard to get, savorful wines from all the places I visit. I store them correctly in a dark spot in my house, with the corks facing down and turning them throughout the year in a wrought iron wine rack; assuming they last.