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October 12, 2010

Halloween Wine Tasting Party Ideas

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Learn how to set up a simple wine tasting at your home.  Read about tips on set up, suggestions for wine glasses / accessories and wine tasting process.

Hosing a wine tasting party is pretty easy. Simply send invites, provide glasses and a way for guests to write notes. It’s a great way to try a variety of wines in one night.

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party this Halloween

If you are planning on hosting a large get-together for your wine tasting party, we recommend using to send your free invitations.  It’s an easy way to invite your Facebook friends or send invites via email.  Friends can easily respond with a yes, no or maybe with a click of  a button.

Don’t forget to set up the Ask Guest to Bring Something in invitation options.  This is where you can ask guests to bring wine wrapped up in a costume or bag.

Request guests to bring 2 of the same bottle.  This way if your party consists of some heavy pourers or lots of tasters, you’ll be sure to have enough wine for everyone to complete their tasting tour.

There are several themes for wine selections:


  • Decide if you want the wine tasting party to be focused on one varietal
  • Let guests bring their favorite wine
  • Select a specific wine producing region


If your wine tasting party is composed of different types of wine, we recommend numbering the bottles in order from the first tasting being white varietals, then red varietals and lastly dessert wines and port.  Try your best to order wines from light to full bodied.


Black Bat Wine Tumblers

A wine tasting party must have glasses!  Bring a touch of Halloween to the party with black stemless wine glasses.  Each glass is decorated with a large, spooky bat.  Black Bat Tumblers are a new addition, this Halloween, to our designer wine glass collection.

These top quality wine glasses can be arranged with the Black Bat Silver Dinner Plates for a complete Halloween dining experience.

Wine Tasting Process

Number the bottles from light bodied to full.  Next, arrange the disguised bottles in order around the room.  Do it in a way where wine tasters can easily move from bottle location 1 to 2 to 3 and so on.

Once your guests arrive, point them to your wine glass station.  Make sure you have wine tasting journals so that tasters can score and record tasting notes.  Tally the results at the end of the tasting.  Finish off the party with wine discussions and announce the results.

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