Personalized Wine Barrel Wall Art for the Vino Enthusiast

Typical winemaking accessories truly make for amazing art. Using reclaimed barrel heads, staves, corks and other parts, premier artisans have come up with some seriously unique treasures. From customized quarter barrel bar signs to interesting wine barrel clocks, plaques and more, there’s a plethora of options ripe for the picking.

Here are some interesting home decorating ideas incorporating personalized wine cellar signs.





How can I add an extra special touch to my home wine bar?

Whether you’ve created a dedicated tasting space or have a full-fledged wine cellar, custom wine barrel wall art makes a lovely complement. Repurposing quality oak wood and other materials from used wine barrels, the world’s most talented artists have crafted plenty of variations to fit the mood of your current space. For an elegant look above a bar or mantle, consider an engraved wine barrel head wall plaque. Artfully designed with your family name, the piece exudes timeless sophistication with its warm wood and chiseled detailing. Now, if you want a more functional piece for a living room, dining room, or kitchen, try a carved personalized wine barrel head clock. It’ll be a surefire sensation in any space.





What’s a nice personalized gift for a wine lover?

Anything enhanced with custom features is a wonderful gift idea. But what about for the guy or gal who absolutely adores wine? Let them pay homage to their passion by displaying it proudly with a wall mounted wine cork monogram letter sign. Featuring dozens of corks formed into the first letter of their family name, this special sculptural find will have them smiling for many years to come. You can also wrap up a custom wine barrel head with wine bottle holder. This piece lets them commemorate a special date or occasion, all while mounting a special bottle on the wall for all to admire.





Is there any wine wall art that’ll turn my home into a bar?

Why yes, there are. If you’re hoping to name your very own “chateau” or family “pub,” check out the vast selection of wine barrel signs ready to personalize. A beer glass quarter barrel sign is absolutely exquisite, capturing that warm, homey feel while still infusing an upscale vibe. A personalized wine cellar barrel sign is also a go-to option. This classic piece lets you live out your lifelong dream of owning a family winery (right in the comfort of home!).





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