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February 17, 2017

How to Store Large Magnum Wine Bottles: The Solution is Simpler Than You Think

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Depending on your desired vintner, variety and volume, storing large numbers of wine at home can be a tricky task. Many storage racks and jails are specifically designed for the standard 750ml bottle. But in the real world of wine lovers, our cherished bottles come in all shapes, sizes and quantities.

If you find yourself purchasing magnum sized 1.5L bottles, worry not. We’ve got plenty of solutions for showcasing your amazing collection in a chic, efficient manner with the help of quality modular wine rack systems.



How can I store 1.5L bottles of wine so that they’re safe and properly preserved?

There’s no way those jumbo-sized casks are going to fit into the typical wine bottle slot in your existing furniture. Still, wine needs to sit properly on its side if you’re keeping it housed for a long period of time. Proudly display your collection by choosing a unique standing wine rack with up to a 120-bottle capacity. The signature “X” style of organization allows you to pile countless bottles in any formation, keeping them properly positioned and easily accessible. If you’re looking for a unit more suited for the kitchen or dining room, you’ll also find cube stack wine racks with integrated stemware slots. Purchase a few, and you can expand your furniture to suit your growing collection.



Are there any wine storage units that come with individual magnum sized slots?

If you were hoping for more organization, there are plenty of other wine rack options specially designed for the 1.5L bottle. A jumbo bin grid wine rack system arrives with room to stack up to 100 bottles either individually or in groups. These particular units are perfect for couples who tend to regularly purchase large bottles. Instead of lining them up on a shelf, the floor or in a cabinet, you can showcase their beauty right alongside the rest of your standard collection. A 1.5L wine storage system is also great for keeping a few bottles of champagne on hand, or those other oddly-shaped bottles you never know where to put.



What are some other gifts or accessories fashioned for the 1.5L wine bottle?

If you’re traveling on vacation, going to a fancy restaurant, or journeying anywhere wine takes you, consider a special magnum 5 slot wine suitcase. This exceptionally durable and practical piece lets you tote your jumbo vessels on wheels, and unlike the typical variety, it’s uniquely designed for the 1.5L format. If you know someone who drinks a lot of wine, you might also consider a premium magnum decanter, a prized possession for every drinker’s home bar. This ultra-sized pourer lets the entire bottle breathe and aerate for your convenience.



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