You Won’t Believe These Amazing Wine Inspired Accent Tables

wine-gifts-2-day-designs-vineyard-cart-end-table-2-day-designs-sku4294-315Those of us who appreciate good wine also know that there’s an entire culture surrounding it. We love to collect our corks, but when we go through a bottle (or five) a week, those little stoppers quickly pile up. There are tons of small decorative wine cork catching ornaments and sculptures we can buy. Still, it’s always better to go big. Read about some fun ideas for bringing a stunning wine cork catching accent table into your home bar, living room, family room, and beyond.



How can I collect my corks for display?

wine-gifts-barrel-cork-catcher-accent-table-wine-enthusiast-w901301-31Do a simple Google search, and you’ll soon realize there are so many ideas for wine cork craft projects. But when you’re not using your corks to make fun wreaths and other artful items, keep them on display for all your family and friends to admire. A stunning cork catcher accent table integrates seamlessly into your existing furniture setup. Best of all, it provides a functional way to show off your collection while keeping a nice picture frame or other ornament on top.



What’s a fun wine themed sculpture for my home?

wine-gifts-wine-glass-cork-catcher-accent-table-wine-enthusiast-sku3311302-37Nothing beats a balance between practicality and creativity. If you want a useful cage to capture your wine corks, check out this wine glass cork catcher accent table. Shaped smartly like a classic long-stemmed wine glass, this interesting table serves so many magnificent purposes. Not only will you blow guests away with your completely unique home furnishing, but you can also rest your glasses on its top like any other end table.



How can I collect my corks in a one-of-a-kind way?

wine-gifts-accent-table-aged-gray-park-designs-924902-31Bring unique personality to your home pub or wine room with one of these cool metal cork cage tables. They’re not just special due to their “never-before-seen” status. Notice that a wine barrel accent table is also a customizable chalkboard! This tiny touch lets you or the kids personalize the piece with a fun saying. Display your family name, a cute “Corks Away” saying, or even keep count of your treasures as you toss them inside. Don’t forget to check out all of our amazing accent tables!





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