wine-gifts-genuine-leather-2-bottle-wine-carrier-with-corkscrew-and-corporate-logo-(set-of-24)-bey-berk-glbb24l-35Everyone loves a thoughtfully themed present. And when it comes to your company gift baskets, there’s no exception! If you want to make your corporate present truly memorable, consider showing your appreciation with a wonderfully unique wine basket.

Today, the biggest trend in company gift giving is embracing all things leisure. Ditch the personalized pens, paperweights, and other boring desk accessories. Show the most hard-to-please clients real appreciation with a token you know they’ll enjoy—and remember—for years to come. Here’s how to assemble the perfect wine-themed gift basket.



wine-gifts-brushed-stainless-steel-foil-cutter-with-logo-(72-pieces)-oenophilia-bfc72-318What are some personalized corporate logo gifts?

To start, you need to remember the true goal of your generosity: keep clients loyal! Although an expensive bottle of wine may impress high-end customers, you want to make sure your name is featured prominently as part of the total package.

So, begin by selecting your bottle of choice, which you’ll feature as the basket’s anchor gift. Now, continue the theme by surprising top clientele with an extraordinary accessory—a personalized foil cutter. It’s one of those essentials that no one seems to keep stocked in their bar. They’ll love its practicality, but users will also keep your company in mind every time they open up a fresh bottle.





What’s a unique personalized wine gift?

You’ll want to outfit each basket with at least 4-5 items to carry the wine theme throughout. When selecting each piece, try to envision where the individual will be. Is he on his back porch, sipping a merlot in the evening? Or, maybe she's entertaining clients of her own on the company yacht. Whatever the situation, make sure your gift will make it on board! A personalized wine chiller is a great go-to addition, while a custom corporate logo wine carrier will be sure to travel everywhere they do.





What’s a timeless gift for my wine themed corporate basket?

Clients will always swoon at the sight of their favorite white or red, but to keep your business in their thoughts for years to come, buy a bulk supply of personalized wine screws and stoppers. Many sets let you put your logo right on the corkscrew as well as the spill-proof seal. Finish up your beautiful basket by writing a heartfelt note wishing them merry drinking!