The lazy Susan has been a long-neglected essential in homes everywhere. We all seem to have one, but it stays hidden away high in a cupboard or deep in a cabinet. We opt for a cheap plastic piece because it never sees the light of day.

But for this upcoming gift-giving season, what if you surprised loved ones with a unique, unexpected present in the form of a truly stunning lazy Susan? This multipurpose treasure works great for your spices and other cooking supplies, but when you realize its other amazing customizable features, you’ll want to display one in every corner of your home.



What’s a great gift for a wine lover who likes to entertain?

For their dining room, kitchen, or coffee table, consider a gorgeous rustic lazy Susan, or for their inside bar, a cork lazy Susan. Artisans have painstakingly crafted these stunning serving trays with thoughtful nods to all things wine. Some swivel, and some slide, but they all promise the sophisticated style of a Napa Valley winery. Friends and family will love arranging grapes, cheese, crackers, and other appetizers on these fun vineyard-inspired lazy Susans.





What kind of personalized lazy Susans will I find?

It seems like a silly question at first. How in the world can you customize a lazy Susan? Well, brilliant designers have found a fantastic way. Taking the tops of wine barrels, they’ve crafted gorgeous wooden lazy Susans worthy of any 5-star restaurant or cocktail lounge. For a sensational birthday or anniversary present, consider etching mom or dad’s name on the top of the server for their very first piece of bistro décor.



What other varieties of lazy Susans might I find?

Keeping with the amazing repurposed theme, you’ll also find special wine barrel lazy Susan platters with multiple tiers. Great for large parties and get-togethers, a unique 2-tiered lazy Susan lets you arrange veggies, fruits, cheeses, dips, and other cuisine for guests to enjoy. This makes an ideal present for a sister or friend who likes hosting her own wine tastings or cocktail gatherings.


Don’t be lazy! With these custom serving gifts, they’ll absolutely love your thoughtfulness!