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January 19, 2016

Love wine? Decorate your home without looking like a bar.

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Many people enjoy wine and would love to decorate with this in mind. Yet they don’t want their home to end up looking like a bar. Everything from elegant glassware and interesting wall art to gorgeous wine-inspired furniture can be used to decorate your home in a stylish manner. The following are some ideas for decorating your home with great tasting wine in mind.

Wine Glasses Make a Difference

You would never serve your guests wine in a paper cup, so why choose ordinary glasses? The first step in making sure your home decor doesn’t resemble a bar is having beautifully designed wine glasses. With so many styles, sizes, and designs to choose from it shouldn’t be difficult to find glasses that fit your own unique style. You don’t have to stick to clear glass either. There are wine glasses featuring colorful, detailed designs that are truly works of art. There are, however, some more serious aspects of glasses that wine lovers insist are important. A few include the size and shape of the bowl, which can affect the aroma of the wine, and having a stem to hold so your hands are not changing the temperature of the wine.

What About My Corks?

There are as many options for using corks as there are types of wine they come with. Creating intricate cork artwork framed in glass, brass, and other elegant materials is the most obvious choice. This is only the beginning when it comes to fun ways to use corks, however. A serving tray or a lazy Susan made out of cork is a great way to serve your guests. An inlaid cork tabletop or a cork picture frame are just a few more ways you can spice up your decor.

Can I Use Wine Barrels Without Making My Home Look Like a Pioneer Tavern?

Absolutely! There are several chic wine barrels to choose from that will actually add a touch of class to your home. The key is in the details. Sophisticated designs and intricate carvings can easily add a touch of class to any wine barrel. Barrels that serve dual purposes are good choices as well.  Wine barrels that work as cabinets and bistro tables are both practical and look great.

Do Coasters Matter?

That’s like asking does jewelry matter when putting together the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Coasters are a small accent piece that everyone notices. Coasters are available in everything from artistically designed marble and hand-carved wood to colored glass and those that are made out of fabric. Coasters can be great conversation pieces and can be displayed in almost any room in the house.

Are Wooden Chairs Too Basic?

The short answer is no, but you have to learn how to use them.  Almost any piece of furniture by itself might not be the right look. Yet, arranging the chair with the right table and an array of perfect accessories can create exactly the ambiance you’re aiming for. Painting the chair or even adding the right throw over the back can glam up an otherwise simple chair.

What About the Walls?

What we hang on our walls is generally at eye level and makes a big difference in the style of any room. There are so many options for wine lovers to choose from including different sizes, materials, and frame choices. Beautiful pictures of vineyards and grapes will have your home looking more like a French Chateau than a bar. Don’t forget that clocks not only serve a practical purpose but make great wall art as well.

Is Elegance and Sophistication Really an Option?

You may be thinking, okay, my home doesn’t look like a bar but how upscale can I go? The answer is, you can get as upscale as your imagination takes you. Create an unforgettable dining room with exquisite candles and gorgeous wine-themed linens. Intricately designed wine carts and cheese trays can all be put together to create an incredible atmosphere for wine lovers. You can even display hand towels in your bathroom that have creative wine designs while the wine-scented candle is softly burning on the countertop.

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