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May 6, 2015

Wine Decanters That Attach To The Bottle

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Wine Vine Imports have a selection of wine decanters with a timeless design. These classic imports help connoisseurs and those new to wine appreciation fully develop the potential of a wine while providing an experience for the senses and elegant wine presentation.  Easy to use these in the bottle wine decanting aerators use a one hand pouring action to fill the sphere and then single pour into a wine glass.

The Purpose of Decanting Wine

Wine decanters are clear vessels that help to aid in enhancing the flavor of wines and in the general aesthetic presentation to guests. Young wines typically have more a tannins which create a somewhat bitter flavor. Introducing oxygen into the wine through proper aerations creates a smoother and more palatable wine-tasting experience. Aged wines can include more sediment within the wine. This sediment should be separated from the wine itself as it can detract from the taste. A clear decanter allows a wine pourer to view the progression of the wine and separate the sediment before adding the wine to the glass. Attached decanters offers guests the ability to easily acknowledge the vintage.

From The Collection of Decanters That Attach to the Bottle

versovino wine aerator decanting system

The Versovino Wine Decanting System incorporates the beauty of Italian hand-blown glass. The smooth, clear glass permits the visual appreciation of the wine as it lightly splashes within the vessel. The reservoir can contain a full 100 ml. of wine, perfect for timely aeration per glass. The patented decanter attaches to the wine bottle itself creating one fully-functioning aerated wine-delivery system.





The Centillino Single Glass Wine Aerator attaches directly to the top of the bottle. Provide a unique presentation to guests with Italian hand-blown functional art. The bouquet and flavor is enlivened with the use of this 125 ml decanter. The craftsmanship of this device aerates the wine faster than the traditional decanting process.






soiree_decanterThe Soiree In the Bottle Wine Decanter is a functional and beautiful way to aerate a classic wine for both guests and oneself. Subtleties of the wine are revealed and bitter notes removed with the use of the Soiree Wine Decanter. The clear decanter attaches directly to the wine bottle and allows pourers to provide the nectar of the gods to guests single-handedly. Dionysus, the god of fertility and wine, would have celebrated over this elegant and practical device that frees participants to start sipping faster.

Wine decanters make for an elegant gift. All items can be shipped in a luxe gift box for attractive presentation. Present the perfect item for hosts or that person with impeccable taste.  Corporate orders with logo on decanters options available as well. 




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