Chances are, if you’ve considered reformatting your living area, you’ve considered implementing a wine bar. When outfitting your special space, considering wine and bar furniture cabinets grants enhanced flexibility and design opportunities.

A wet bar area is an excellent addition to any library, living room or basement area. However, before installing the perfect selection, take a look at the following considerations. Everyone wants a wine bar area—but not everyone considers the process of making one.


Wine and Bar Cabinet Decorating Ideas for Home

Interior Howard Miller bars can be eloquent, functional and exciting, and it’s time to consider the necessities behind your home’s new addition.


                                       Tip One: Lay out the Floor-Plan


Will the bar be in the basement? Will it complement your kitchen area? If you’re implementing wine and bar cabinets, you’ll need space. If you decide to go vertical, basement pipes may require covering. Additionally, if you’re expanding upon your pre-existing kitchen area, you’ll need to steer clear of utilities and furniture.



Tip Two: Decide the Material


wine-gifts-howard-miller-seneca-falls-wine-&-bar-cabinet-howard-miller-690006-26Wet bars are convenient, but understanding material requirements are a must for proper wine and bar cabinet keeping. Placement near outdoor areas can expose your bar to unwanted moisture, and stainless-steel additions may be required.


While not required unilaterally, stainless-steel brackets and additions can bolster your wine bar from unwanted mold, residue and warping. Before installing your wine and bar cabinets, decide which areas will be exposed to high-moisture areas. A wine barrel bar may be better in such situations. Similarly, your new home furniture cabinet shouldn’t face exterior openings.


                                       Tip Three: Determine the Size


wine-gifts-howard-miller-sonoma-home-bar-furniture-cabinet-howard-miller-695064-21Does your wine and bar cabinet need a built-in ice bin? Or, are you considering a simple bar table? It may seem like a mundane tip, but spatiality is incredibly important for any home addition.


Traffic, clutter and maneuverability are the name of the game, and you’ll enjoy the ability to “add on” other bar accessories. What began as a simple wine cabinet can expand into an entire wet bar! Remember to calculate your bar area’s size. You won’t regret it.


Your home additions deserve well-planned designs, and a little forethought goes a long way. Before implementing your ideal bar cabinet area, consider the basics to create a classy, yet innovative serving area.