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March 6, 2015

A Barrel Clock at the Center of Green Decorating

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You can make an environmental statement with your car, your diet and your voice. Do you make a statement with your style? What do your decorating choices say about your relationship with the planet?

Decorating with a Barrel Head Clock

wine-gifts-personalized-wine-barrel-head-clock-thousand-oaks-barrel-co.-98bhc1-12Reducing waste is a core value of environmental responsibility. It is also a valuable tool for the designer. Rather than searching through the newest materials, trends and creations, find new purpose in what is old. Take existing matter and re-imagine it.

Nothing has more depth of character than reclaimed wood. Lumber rescued from old barns, fences, boats and more bring history and beauty to a room. Retired wine barrels add heritage to any kitchen, restaurant, tasting room or den. To a lover of wine, their inclusion brings the decor full circle.

With their round, sturdy build, old barrel heads make perfect clocks. They take well to any stain or varnish for exterior or interior. The metal hoops contrast with the weathered wood. And in a world gone digital, a ticking clock with real hands, like fine wine, speaks to a slower age more in touch with the soil.



A barrel head clock can be the centerpiece of a room with other barrel accents. Place a barrel cabinet in the corner or include a wine rack built from old staves. At the risk of taking the theme too far, consider barrel chairs or a metal sculpture crafted from recycled hoops.


Balance the wood and metal with softer touches. Keep it green by upholstering the furniture with organic cotton or hemp. You may be amazed by the softness of silk-like soy fabric. Sew pillow covers with it and sink right in.



Your home can be a subtle and beautiful statement to reduced waste and renewable materials. Begin by finding a new use for an old barrel.








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