Sometimes your friends really know how to throw a party. The theme, the atmosphere, the people, and most importantly the fine wine served make for a party that is so memorable it will be hard to make a better one.

Create a Movie Set Cellar Room with a Barrel Table

For serious wine aficionados, there is nothing better than having a wine tasting party. The difference between ordinary wines and great wines is significant. Nevertheless, it takes the appropriate setting to have the full experience. Serving great wine is necessary at these events and having these great wine barrel tables as part of the setting adds to the overall atmosphere in a delightful way. The wine barrel tables come in two kinds. One is the full round table for the center of a room. The other is a half wine barrel table to place against a wall.

wine-gifts-reclaimed-wine-barrel-table-with-wine-and-glass-racks-napa-east-collection-sku964-29At a recent wine party, the setting was magnificent. Imagine we entered a luxurious home. We were guided downstairs to a classic wine cellar. The walls were made from stone. We were instantly transported to the time, maybe over a century ago, in the depths of this wine cellar that seemed to be about the same experience as one would find a during the French revolution.

The cellar room was like a movie set, and made to re-create this atmosphere. This was truly aided by the strategic placement of antique posters on the rough stonewalls and the fact that the wine from the 1940s was served in sparkling crystal glasses placed so elegantly on the wine barrel tables. Our host entered, dressed at a refined gentleman from those times.


The experience was outstanding and magnificent. Try to find a place in your home for these wonderful wine tables because they will help make your most wonderful fantasies come true. Oh yes, this is the good life!