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February 14, 2014

Crafty Beer Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

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Beer, much like wine, is a rapidly growing culture, as micro-breweries, craft beers, and homemade beer kits are cropping up all over.  This holiday season beer gifts were in top demand! Here some perfect ways to give those beer aficionados in your life something special for their passion. Or to hint at what you might be hoping to get for yourself.

Top Beer Gifts!


One excellent place to start is a beer making kit.  This set includes a 1 gallon beer fermenter, 3 piece chambered airlock, screw top stopper, thermometer, plastic tubing, tubing clamp, racking cane and sanitizer.


Homemade beer tastes great! When you brew using the same grain, hops, and yeast that craft breweries around the world use, you can make some really good beer — beer that’s as good if not better than what you’ll find in stores. When you make it at home, you know where it was made, and you have access to the freshest beer you’ll ever taste.







Perhaps you’re shopping to help complete someone’s bar look or mancave.  A personalized Beer Glass Tavern Quarter Barrel Sign is a great gift to help make this space their own.  This quarter barrel replica is laser etched with a name or any other personalized message.






Obviously, the biggest part of passionately enjoying beer is to taste it.  However, beer glasses are more than just vessels that adequately receive the pour and allow for proper aeration.  They can serve as an extension of our personalities.  Personalized beer glasses and mugs are a great way to make your beer testing experiences uniquely yours or for someone else as a gift.  The mugs can be etched with logos, initials, or even personalized messages – making them wonderful gifts not just for the holiday season, but for any special occasion like weddings, anniversaries, or business functions.





Another unique and quirky beer glass/mug set for those in your family that are more ‘outdoorsy’ are these redneck inspired beer glasses modeled after the iconic Solo cups.  Relive your college days with these stemmed-glass red cups in a game of beer pong.  Or celebrate the start of hunting season with the hilarious Rednek Party Cup Camo/Orange stemmed glasses.   These are perfect as gag gifts for anyone with a sense of humor, but still functional for some very serious beer drinking.





Mugs and decorations aren’t the only beer gifts available.  A thoughtful and functional beer gift is a neoprene tote pack; practical solution to BYOB events, cookouts, tailgating, or your child’s soccer game.  These beer tote packs protect beer bottles from breaking as well as keeping them chilled with clogging up precious cooler space for snacks.



A great completion to any beer gift basket is a set of Chillsner beer chillers.  No more unsightly and tacky beer koozies.  Simply freeze the stalks and insert into the bottle to keep it perfectly chilled for as long as it takes to finish.  Whether you chug your beers or nurse them.


No matter where you or that special person is in their passion for beers, any one of these beer gifts is a perfect addition to this rapidly growing trend.


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