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August 27, 2013

Wine Bottle Lighting: Illuminating with Recycled Glass

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From clear to blue to amber to various shades of greens, glass wine bottles have always had beauty in their own right. Still, most us of see them only as empty containers and they usually end up in the recycling bin.

 Turn a Bottle Into a Light

Long ago, somebody had the idea to stick a candle in top of an empty wine bottle. Now, that simple concept has been taken to a new level and an entire industry has been created to re-purpose bottles. Craftsmen have taken bottles that were once trash, re-envisioned a new use, and created incredibly elaborate and beautiful works of art. Sconces, pendants, and chandeliers incorporate glass from bottles that might have once held everything from a vintage Bordeaux to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Finned Frosted White Bottle Mini Pendant


From Meyda Lighting, a company that has been producing innovative lighting options for over 35 years, comes a whole line of products aimed specifically at the wine lover.

From the simple beauty of the Finned Frosted White Bottle Mini Pendant all the way up to the classic Tuscan Vineyard Estate 6 Light Chandelier, Meyda has created a necessity for every wine lover.




Tuscan Vineyard Frosted Amber Bottle Wall Sconce


With its classic flat black metalwork reminiscent of a grape vine, the Tuscan Vineyard Frosted Amber Bottle Wall Sconce is particularly stunning when used as a pair.  Light up an entryway, place it on either side of a bed, or use it to highlight a mantel or bookcase.



Fluted Amber Bottle Mini Pennant



The Fluted Amber Bottle Mini Pennant has a fabulous Victorian look. Using an innovative glass blowing technique, Meyda’s artisans have reshaped the base of a wine bottle to turn it into the perfect fixture to hang over a bar or kitchen counter.  It’s also available in frosted or transparent versions to suite tastes.



Tuscan Vineyard Estate 6 Light Chandelier


If you really want to make a statement then the Tuscan Vineyard Estate 16 Bottle Chandelier is for you. This wow-inducing light fixture features copper metalwork and 16 Chardonnay bottles. Hang it over your dining room table, in a game room, or light up you man (or woman) cave sanctuary.


No matter what your lighting needs, there is a wide variety of wine bottle lighting available from Meyda that will match any décor. Perfect for dining rooms, kitchens, wine cellars or anywhere else, there’s no way more appropriate to pay homage to your wine hobby.


Made in the USA.

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