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October 31, 2012

VinOice a Must Have Wine Accessory … the Best of the Best!

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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Pour Chilled Wine!

Perfect for reds and white wines.  Wine Pourer with gravity lid and chill rod.

Every year wine accessory innovators launch a hot new product that changes the way we drink wine. Popular items are uniquely shaped wine glasses that amplify the aroma of wine to stimulate our senses more precisely, in the bottle wine aerators and chillers. With all of the wine gadgets available today it is hard to believe that new wine accessories can still be invented and be so useful.


VinOice Drip Free Wine Pourer with Chill Rod


We are introducing the hottest wine gift for this holiday season. ..the brand spanking new VinOice! It’s so easy to use and you will use it every time you pour chilled wine. It keeps wine cold and is a drip free wine pourer—all in one tool.


The VinOice will stay inside the bottle. It keeps wine chilled from inside the bottle. No need to pull the tool out of the wine bottle when pouring wine. Just leave the VinOice in the bottle and pour through the attached spout. You can use one hand to pour wine while keeping it chilled.




Our favorite wine tool for 2012 is VinOice. This multipurpose wine tool consists of a stainless steel rod that quickly chills in the freezer for about 30 minutes. The rod is inserted into the wine bottle to keep the bottle chilled allowing you to drink chilled wines at leisure. No need to get up and remove the bottle from the refrigerator for a cold pour. With the use of VinOice you can sip outside or inside during a long dinner and not worry about wine getting warm.

What makes it a winning product is the VinOice allows you to do away with a messy ice bucket and a drip collar! The stainless steel rod maintains the optimal temperature for an hour and the gravity hinge tilts and allows you to pour a glass of wine without removing it from the bottle.  Truly, no more drips from removing the wine chiller from the bottle, no more fruit flies diving into your wine, no worries about what the wine chiller has touched before going back into the bottle, or messy ice buckets.

Function really meets fashion with this wine gift as well. The futuristic type product is a pleasure to own and makes the perfect gift. The VinOice is priced to sell and comes in a gift box perfect for wrapping.  Make the wine lover in your life a little more merry this holiday season.


by Adam Kristofco

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