Top Aerators For Improving Wine

Most people are skeptical when they hear about decanting their wine with an aerator. Seriously, how can a gadget change the taste of wine? Now, before you look at an aerator as some magical contraption that‘s hardly worth the investment, ask yourself this; do you toast the bread to make your sandwiches tastier? Do you wait for fruit to ripen? If so, then you should also decant your wine or aerate it with a wine aerator.

I’m sure you’ve heard that decanting a bottle of wine by pouring it into a wine decanter and waiting for a few hours will make wine taste better. This process allows the wine to breathe. When wine breathes it mixes with air causing the wine to open with aromas. The initial aromas of a freshly uncorked bottle of wine can be stale. Some people call this bottle stink. Allowing the wine to breathe eliminates the aroma; which also improves the wine’s flavor by greatly softening the tannins. The reduction of tannins creates a smoother glass of wine.

A wine aerator is similar to decanting wine, but better for those of us who don‘t have time to wait for decanting. This innovative wine gadget speeds up the aeration process in decanting wine instantly; thereby, improving the taste of a youthful wine even more quickly than a decanter.

The feedback we receive on these products is amazing. Just the other day a customer called to order more for holiday gifts and said, “it actually works very, very well!”. So, try one today. Conduct a taste test between a glass of wine poured through an aerator and one that isn‘t. You’ll notice the distinction between the flavors.

How it works….

Cooks Illustrated reviewed both the Nuance Wine Finer and the Vinturi Wine Aerator. A blind taste test produced high recommendations for both wine aerators. Nuance Wine Finer said this about their product, “tasters unanimously agreed that our aerator stood out for markedly improving flavor and aroma, increasing fruitiness, opening up the wine’s bouquet, and smoothing harsh notes.” Both innovative wine aerators will change a sip of wine into a more enjoyable tasting.

Nuance Wine Finer

nuance 3

Watch this video of  how the nuance wine finer works.

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi with Tower

A high recommendation went to the Vinturi Wine Aerator as well. This comparison comment was given from Cooks Illustrated’s review, “while it’s messier to use than models that attach to the bottle, this device brought out a ‘bright and strong’ aroma and ‘more fruit flavor.’” The makers of this ingenious aerator just recently (Oct. 2009), came out with the Vinturi Tower which makes this wine aerator less messy to use. Here’s how it works:

Be sure to order your Vinturi Tower early this holiday season. It’s been a popular product that has been difficult to keep on our shelves.

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