Winelight Wine Bottle Tube Oil Lamp

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Turn a bottle into an oil lamp. Winelight tube oil lamp makes it easy.  An elongated glass tube fits inside an empty wine bottle. Instead of filling a wine bottle with lamp oil a tube is used to hold oil within the bottle.  In case you have children or a pet with a long tail that may knock over your bottle lamp, some shoppers will use this glass tube which uses less lamp oil compared to filling a bottle. 

Winelight Wine Bottle Tube Oil Lamp ( 2 Piece Tube Lamp)

The Tube Lamp fits all glass bottle with a standard sized opening (5/8" to 3/4"). The Tube Lamp consists of a glass tube that goes into the bottle (it holds approx 2.5 fl oz lamp oil) and a natural marble Winelight.

The Winelight fits in the glass tube and allows you to use the tube in a bottle that already has contents, example: imported olive oil (The two oils will never mix so you can still use the olive oil and it makes a great kitchen oil candle), in bottles with sand paintings, or just in a bottle that you do not want to fill completely with oil.

The tube can also be pushed into Floral Foam and become part of a floral arrangement. The tube lamp will burn approx 5 hours before it needs to be refilled.


2 Piece Tube Lamp Set Includes:

-marble wine light

-glass tube

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