WineKeeper Napa 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser Preservation System

Keep wine from spoiling with Winekeeper Napa Wine Preservation System. Preserve up to 4 bottles of wine at the same time in this handsome wooden case. Email us your configuration request for a custom cabinet.

WineKeeper Napa 4 Bottle Wine Dispenser Preservation System

Our best selling wine preservation system for home or restaurant use is The NAPA. It is a handcrafted wine cabinet that comes in many finishes.This wine preservation unit can be customized to dispense a variety of dual temperature configurations. Choose from units that can dispense all red wine, all white wine, 2 red & 2 white wine, 3 red & 3 white wine, or 4 red & 4 white wines.

The Napa has room for additional bottles to be stored behind the dispensing bottles of wine.

The NAPA includes:

- Two-Stage Regulator

- Lights

- Thermometer

- Insulated Glass Doors

- 8' Remote Nitrogen Tubing w/ Quick-Connect

- Refrigeration: manual defrost, 120 volt, 60 HZ, .9 amps

- Temperature Range for White Wine is 58-64 F The required minimum vented air space is 2" each side, 3" behind and 12" above unit.

- Temperature Range for Red Wine is 58-64 F

Optional WineKeeper Accessories:

  • Keeper Attachment (6ft. N2 tube w/ male Q.D):  is an extra attachment to the rear of the unit used to extend the nitrogen line to external wine bottles. 
  • Thermostat change for red wine serving temperature: Dual range thermostat allows for cabinet temperature on the red wine side to also be used for whites instead of single dedicated sides.
  • 2.5 lb. Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder (Dispenses 12-15 Cases of Wine)
  • 5.0 lb. Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder (Dispenses 20-25 Cases of Wine)

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