WineKeeper Argon Wine Preservation System

Argon Winekeeper Wine Preservation System - gives you the ability to serve wine by the glass.

A residential wine saver system that you can use at home. Use what the finest restaurants use to preserve wine. The Argon Winekeeper Wine Preservation System dispenses 15 bottles per canister.

The Argon Keeper gives you the ability to serve wine by the glass.

This preserver wine system is the perfect solution to the wine lover who prefers a glass of Merlot tonight, a glass of Pinot tomorrow night and a glass of Zinfandel the next night.Keep wine from spoiling with The Keeper which uses argon to preserve wines. This is the same way winemakers preserve wine in barrels by displacing the oxygen.

The Keeper Argon Wine Preservation System Comes with: 

-Deluxe Regulator

-Stopper Faucet (Teflon)

-Disposable Argon Canister

-Tubing w/ quick connect valve


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