Wine Smarts Wine Trivia Game

Out of Stock and Discontinued. Traditional cards to test your wine knowledge. Wine themed questions and answers you can use with a friend or by yourself. WineSmarts can improve your palate and expanding your wine vocabulary wherever you are.
"WineSmarts is the greatest game ever for wine snobs, wine geeks, cork dorks, and even nascent enophiles." - Mario Batali, Chef/Owner New York's Babbo, Lupa and other restaurants It'll go straight to your head™ Designed as a stylish and useful addition to any coffee table, WineSmarts makes a great gift for someone who has just tasted their first glass or teaches their own wine class. You can use these question-and-answer cards by yourself, like traditional flashcards, to learn more about wine and test your knowledge. Or get competitive and use the cards as a party game. You and your friends can also flip through WineSmarts anytime, anywhere, improving your palate and expanding your wine vocabulary wherever you are. WineSmarts Question Categories -Grapes - characteristics of some of the most important grapes you'll encounter -Regions - highlights wines from major wine-producing regions -Vocabulary - defines useful wine terms -Wild Card - includes history, trivia, and other choice bits of information 6 3/4 in. x 4 3/5 in. x 1 in.; 100 Cards
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