Wine Scent and Flavor Enhancer with Decanter Set

Wine Scent and Flavor Enhancer with Decanter Set has a unique design that provides aeration to a whole new and higher level using a 3 phase aeration system. PHASE ONE of the process begins by pouring the wine though the stainless steel filter, catching sediment while the disbursing through into the first of the double wall flavor and scent enhancers. PHASE TWO the wine is gently disbursed again this time into the sides of a specially designed globe providing a totally new aeration process never before possible. PHASE THREE the wine continues into the final enhancer and travels strategically out onto the side of the decanter at a rate determined to provide superior aeration and oxygenation. Finally the wine comes to rest in the decanter ending the journey, bursting with flavour and scent. The only thing left to do is experience and enjoy your wine! This one-of-a-kind decanter makes the perfect gift for the wine lover Every sip of wine taste better. A perfect delight for wine lovers alike!

Wine Scent and Flavor Enhancer with Decanter Set

Easy to Use:

Place the Wine Enhancer into the neck of the Decanter. Optional: To filter the sediment, place the included sediment filter into the top of Enhancer. Pour your wine into the Wine Enhancer for decanters. Watch how the wine moves through the holes in the Enhancer to maximize the aeration. Once you have poured all of your wine through the Enhancer, remove it from the top of your decanter before serving your wine.

Cleaning Instructions:

Clean your Wine Enhancer and Decanters like you would clean your good wine glasses. Please note that the Wine Enhancer is dishwasher safe. Rinse under water and air dry. Use the Final Touch Decanter Brush to remove any residue.

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