Wine Regions of France Map


Features over 300 wine regions. Unique, highly detailed map of the premier wine regions of France. We have created a one of a kind glimpse of the French terroir. Also printed on heirloom quality canvas, a beautiful alternative to paper. Add timeless elegance and texture to your wine cellar.

Vinmaps France Map Dimensions: 32″ x 36″

This unique and collectible Wine Regions of France Wine Map is a premium work of art that will stand out on any wall.

Wine Regions of France Wine Map

Artistic as well as educational, the beautiful world wine map captures the splendid geography that produces the wine you love so much. It features over 300 premier wine regions and a one-of-a-kind glimpse of the French terroir. The map is available on 7mm thick, high resolution paper that can be heat mounted, or you can upgrade to heirloom quality canvas that adds texture and a luxurious touch. Both surfaces are perfect for framing and hanging on a wall, and this special map will look great in a wine cellar, tasting room, den, wine bar, or restaurant. It also makes a perfect gift for wine aficionados, travel enthusiasts, and history buffs.

Let this gorgeous French wine map take the sensory experience of wine drinking a step further as you explore this exclusive wine region. 

Experience French wine country in all its splendor with this beautiful wine map for sale. The perfect combination of science and art, this exquisitely detailed map is made to be framed and will look stunning in a cellar, tasting room, home, wine bar, or restaurant. It also makes a memorable gift for the special wine lover in your life.

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