Wine Pearls is Fake Ice for Your Wine


Do you have someone in your life that puts ice cubes in their wine?  If so, this is a total NO NO!  Ice dilutes wine and ruins it's flavor.  

These insanely chic and sleek stainless steel wine pearls keep wine and cocktails chilled until the last drop. Simply freeze and drop them into a glass of wine or favorite cocktail. These sophisticated wine pearls keep glasses of wine, martinis and cosmopolitans chilled to the optimal drinking temperature to bring out the very best in your drink. Give your drink an elegant look with a chilled result.

Pearls will bring a glass of red wine to the perfect temperature and will keep white wine and champagne chilled. Keeps wine chilled for about 30 minutes.

Wine Pearls Wine Chill Drops

How to Use to Chill Wine:

  • Place pearls in the freezer for 4 hours; add 2-3 wine pearls per drink.
  • Pearls hold their temperature out of the freezer for 30+ minutes.
  • When finished, just wash and reuse!

Wine Chilling Drops Features:

  • Sold in sets of 4
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Works best in small volume drinks (2-3 ounces)
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