Wine Myths and Reality Book

The Wine Myths and Reality Book by author Benjamin Lewin MW is an extensive look into the process of wine making for the wine lover professional. This book provides in-depth knowledge and insight though scientific research, old world vs new new world practices, and provides context though illustrations of the finer points by including a vast portrayal of images that encompasses photos, maps and graphic. This book is an excellent choice for wine lovers looking to gain a valuable behind the scenes education into wine making, and is sure to find a coveted place on your bookshelf.

Wine Myths and Reality Book

Is wine an artisan's creation or an industrial product?  This wine book takes you behind the scenes of winemaking to reveal what actually goes into a bottle of wine.

Author and renowned cell biologist, Dr. Benjamin Lewin provides an invaluable understanding as to the role of science in wine making. Dr. Lewin’s brings the discussion into focus by raising the question — what do we want wine to be and how best can we achieve this goal? — the question is how, how much, why and to what effect?

Dr. Lewin tells the story of the New World's achievements into the wine making process established a baseline argument in context to highlight the real issues in wine making effectively.

This wine book promises to be a real page tuner for wine lovers, and a must have item in your wine library.

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