Vingarde Valise Grande 03 Wine Luggage for Airplane Travel


Make your trip home from wine county a breeze with this 12 bottle VinGardeValise Grande Travel with Bottles Suitcase wine bottle suitcase. Extremely durable and easy to maneuver, this wine luggage conforms to all airline weight regulations. Fully loaded with 12 bottles, the Wine Valise weighs in at 43 pounds. Most airline carriers have a 50 pound check in limit before charging oversize fees. 

Includes EVERYTHING you need to carry 12, 750ml bottles.

The VinGarde Valise Grande - Wine Bag Air Travel rolling travel bag with quad 360 spinning wheels can fit 12, 750 ml bottles.

No matter if your traveling to Napa, Willamette Valley, Spain, Italy or to Trader Joe's, we have you covered! Travel with wine by airplane with the hottest wine luggage carrier on the market!

Everything you need to carry 12, 750 ml bottles is included. See images for additional insert options. Specialty inserts are sold separately to carry wine glasses, magnum bottles, over sized or oddly shaped bottles. The new Do It Yourself Insert can be transformed to hold an endless variety of specialty liquor bottles, Chianti or perhaps your favorite crystal decanter. Insert a reserve bottle of brandy into the Do It Yourself insert for that special occasion!

VinGarde Valise Grande The Safest Way to Travel with Wine

Airplane Wine Hard Case Features:

  • 4 spinner wheels to facilitate easy movement and agile handling. Easily roll with only one hand leaving your other hand free for more luggage.
  • Heavy-Duty Corner Guards protect against rough airline handling and baggage claim belts
  • Conforms to all applicable TSA, FAA, and airline luggage standards. The size and weight will conform to airline regulations, no extra oversized or overweight fees
  • Solid design is built specifically to protect your wine and glassware
  • Will hold twelve 750ml bottles of just about any bottle shape or ten 750ml bottles and two Champagne or Champagne-like bottles
  • Durable to withstand rugged handling by airlines and other baggage handlers for the life of the product 
  • Space not used for wine can be be quickly re-purposed to accommodate clothes, books, wine glasses, sales literature, wine accessories or other travel goods
  • Weighs less than 43 lbs. fully packed with twelve 750ml bottles of wine
  • Makes a great suitcase for wine and spirits sales representatives on the go!
  • 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Optional inserts available to accommodate wine glasses, magnum bottles, liquor bottles or anything that may be precious carge sold separately.

    This innovative Wine Travel Case can fit an entire case of wine! You can travel with 12 bottles of wine safely on an airplane with this rolling wine luggage carrier. The inside is heavily padded with high density foam specially designed to cushion your precious cargo. This unique wheeled case features 12 separate sections allowing it to securely hold bottles in place for even the roughest of airline handling.


    Top quality materials are used making this case very durable. Featuring 4 wheels for strength, stability and ease of handling. One handed maneuvering even with a full 12 bottle load is made simple with the quad wheel design. This will become extremely useful at times when your hands are full of other luggage or sipping a glass of wine on the go.


    The telescoping handle locks in the down or up position making it a pleasure to pull. Foam lining will provide a cooler like insulation for carrying white wines or keeping your reds at proper serving temperature on a hot day. The bag is spacious enough to insert ice packs if needed in warm climates.


    Perfect wine gift for the wine enthusiast who enjoys wine tasting travel. Also great for the wine or spirits representative given its endless versatility. 

    Please call or email for express shipping quote, standard free shipping includes FedEx ground service.  email address: info@winevine-imports or telephone 919-341-4279

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