Wagon Wheel Wine Rack

A reclaimed, rebuilt and re-conformed wagon wheel is transformed into this standing wine rack. Holds 60 bottles of wine. It has a solid wood back.

Wagon Wheel Furniture is made in the USA

Using the Old to Create the New... This Wagon Wheel Wine Rack  is 100% impervious to weather. Use it inside, outside or outback. Craftsman guarantees the structural integrity as long as you own them.

Custom orders for this unique line of primitive and western furniture are welcomed. Using exclusively old, well seasoned beams and timbers (from old homes, mills, mines, bridges, and other exotic sources), the craftsman locates and rebuilds old wagon wheels into Wagon Wheel Furniture. This custom configuration can be made into coffee or dining tables, wagon wheel chandeliers or wall mounted mirrors as well. Contact us for custom orders. 

"We are very proud of the fact that we are able to offer such items of rich and lasting beauty, without having to 'sacrifice' a single tree" , says made in the USA craftsman. 

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