Vinturi White Wine Aerator

New! Vinturi White Wine Aerator
Vinturi Wine Aerator for WHITE Wine WHITE WINE NEEDS TO BREATHE, TOO While it is an accepted fact that aerating red wine enhances flavors and aromas, it is a longstanding myth that white wine does not need aeration. While testing and developing Vinturi Wine Aerator for red wine, we discovered that white wine benefits from aeration, also. The truth is that white wine displays the same improvements with aeration as red wine - better bouquet, enhanced flavors, and smoother finish. Further, we determined that white wine requires its' own unique amount of aeration to achieve optimal results. Introducing Vinturi for White Wine Through extensive testing and development, we modified Vinturi Wine Aerator's internal design and developed a Vinturi specifically calibrated for white wine. The Vinturi White Wine Aerator draws in more air, and as a result of the increased air surfaces, the wine's exposure to air similarly increases. White wine flourishes under this heightened level of aeration. The actual design modifications - and how they differ from the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator - are considered proprietary to Vinturi with all patents pending. The response to Vinturi for White Wine has been very enthusiastic. People are surprised with the results. Vinturi for White Wine has a dramatic affect on aromas, flavors, and finish. Sometimes, the results are even more dramatic than with red wine. We would like you to experience the Vinturi White Wine Aerator Package includes Vinturi, no-drip stand, carry pouch Be sure to check out our entire selection of Vinturi products.
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