VintageView 9 Bottle Wine Rack


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VintageView 9 bottle wine rack's modular steel design provides a clean sleek look. The design allows you to find wine bottles quickly. VintageView wine racks are great on their own or hung together.

VintageView 9 Bottle Wine Rack

3' tall x 5' 1/2" single depth wine rack holds 9 bottles of wine. Fits in narrow spaces like recessed walls in Dining rooms and under staircases.  Well designed, built and ultra affordable racking system.

  • VintageView wine storage system displays wine bottles with the label forward instead of the cork.
  • VintageView can accommodate sizes from 375ml to 9 liter bottles
  • Installation is simple and does not require special tools, materials or subcontractors.
  • It is made from durable steel with rust resistant finishes and a limited lifetime warranty
  • Provides airflow between wine bottles

These clean, simple wine racks look great mounted on walls or tucked away into inset walls.


  • 1 Base (heel) Strip
  • 1 Neck Strip
  • End Plugs (installed)
  • 2 Couplers for Stacking
  • Mounting Hole Covers
  • Rod Tips (installed)

VintageView wine racks are designed to attach to wall or floor or ceiling frame.  They can easily be cut to any length or stacked on top of each other.

The modular rack design can accommodate small residential cellars of 100 bottles to commercial projects requiring 1,000 bottles of wine storage.  VintageView racks come in various sizes to complete your home cellar, bar, liquor store, wine store, restaurants or wineries.

Quality & Standards

Goal is 100% customer satisfaction with all VintageView wine racks.  VintageView wine racks are built from cold-rolled steel and welded to safely support the wine bottles. 

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