VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor

VinoVinti uses a new, patented technology to give you hands-on control over the flavor, feel and finish of your favorite wines. Its simple, innovative design removes carbon dioxide from wine, improving taste and adding years of smoothness in seconds. Made of durable, food safe materials, VinoVinti is designed to give a lifetime of wine enjoyment. Much faster than decanting and more effective than aeration devices, VinoVinti is sure to become your favorite wine accessory.



1. Pour 1 - 2 oz of wine into glass. [makes space for rod and allows for comparison tasting]

2. Attach stopper to longer end of rod holder and lower assembly into bottle. [check that fit is secure]

3. Use vacuum pump until bubbles form. Then stop. Release stopper after 20 - 30 seconds. [pull nub]

4. Remove assembly from bottle and taste. [repeat if needed]

5. Separate stopper, rod and holder. Rinse rod and holder thoroughly and let air dry. [enjoy!]

You may wish to purchase a second rod so you can use one for red and one for white wines. Or, if you need a replacement rod due to breakage or loss.

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