Vinotheque Wine Cabinet Studio 220 - Reservoir Series

The Studio Series is Vinothéque's newest addition to the In-stock line. Like the Wine Reservoir, the Studio is a purposeful entry-level wine cabinet that comes with renowned quality and wine storage engineering expertise in an effective and economical wine storage cabinet. The twist is the Studio has a full length tinted window door that offers the same effective temperature regulation and associated humidity control along with a practical size that will fit into almost any space. You can enjoy your wine collection knowing it is being well preserved. The Villa & Reservoir Series, ready to ship cabinets are designed to offer the best dollar per bottle storage value on the market in hand crafted, made in the U.S.A wine storage cabinets. With over thirty years of experience in the business and a reputation for high quality craftsmanship, Vinotheque is offering these new designs which incorporate style, elegance, and affordability that will match well in most home and restaurant environments. Includes: LED light, high capacity metal racking, 1 display row and knobs & locks.

Vinotheque Wine Cabinet Studio 220

The Wine Reservoir is Vinothèque’s purposeful entry-level wine cabinet. It combines Vinothèque’s renowned quality and wine storage engineering expertise in an effective and economical wine storage cabinet. Now everyone from the novice wine aficionados to the distinguished experts can enjoy the art of wine collecting, ensuring that their wine collections are stored in the proper conditions. Through effective temperature regulation and associated humidity control along with a practical size that will fit into almost any space, you can all enjoy your collections of wine knowing they have been well preserved.

Model: 220 Studio Reservoir Dimensions

(WxHxD): 27.5" x 76" x 29"

Cooling System: WhisperKOOL 2500

Bottle Capacity: Approximately 224 Bordeaux Bottles


Highly versatile and practical metal shelves has 30% more storage capacity than traditional wood racking in the same amount of space and shelves can easily removed to accommodate larger format bottles (magnum or 3 liters) or cases.

The option of adding a display row to the cabinet has been so popular. This enhancement allows you to view your favorite wines without having to handle them. Select from the drop down menu to add LED lighting which shows cases the wines and cabinet. 

Luan mahogany wood has straight, semi-open grain and a color that ranges from yellow-brown to dark red, depending on where it grows. With age, though, mahogany of all colors becomes a rich, dark red-brown. The texture is rather course but even, the grain interlocked and wavy. Luan Mahogany readily accepts a wide range of common stains and finish.

Door knobs are a new feature with these cabinets. The reasoning for replacing the old style handles with knobs is twofold. Knobs are a simple, clean look and only require one hole.

Locks are included in case you want to lock the cabinet.


Wine Refrigerator Cabinet Key Features:

  • Option to add Display Rows. Includes one display row. 
  • Option to add LED Light
  • Luan Mahogany Hardwoods and Veneer
  • Superior door gasket design keeps the cool air in and the warm air out.
  • Durable wood construction has the strength to hold over 800 lbs. without compromising the integrity of the cabinet.
  • Efficient metal racking maximizes bottle capacity, while offering the flexibility to hold a multitude of shapes and size bottles. Chardonnay and larger Pinot bottles fit the same shelves
  • Classic Window Door
  • Available in Black or Unfinished
  • Locks included
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A

WhisperKOOL 2500 Cooling Unit Features:

  • Digital control system

  • Advanced system protection technology

  • Adjustable humidity levels

  • Energy Saver / quick chill functions

  • Anti-frost feature

  • Top venting exhaust
The WhisperKOOL 2500 is our most advanced wine cabinet cooling unit to date. The unit is equipped with our Platinum Series controller utilizing Advanced System Protection Technology. This features a series of strategically placed monitoring probes, which insure efficient performance and long cooling unit life. The controller is easy to operate and has features such as adjustable humidity control, energy saving modes, quick chill mode and anti-frost function. The 2500 can be used to replace the 1000, 1100, 1200 and 2300 WhisperKOOL cabinet cooling units without any modifications. Replacing other brands of cabinet cooling units is possible but cabinet modifications will vary.

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More Information
Bottle Capacity 301+
Style Free Standing
Temperature Zones Single Zone
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