Vinotheque Bella Vista Wine Cabinet

Elegance and affordability come together to create this truly unique full-length window door style. Each cabinet is handcrafted from Cherry wood with glazed distressing offering its own uniqueness. The Vintage View racking will hold all of the traditional sized bottles as well as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. The flexible designs create stunning visual displays that incorporate a modern and forward thinking aesthetic coupled with the benefits of prompt bottle recognition, open airflow and competitive storage. Stores 90+ bottles.
We've made many design enhancements to our high-end cabinets. These improvements make our cabinets stronger, more efficient, higher durability, longer lasting, enhanced operating features, more attractive and easier to install. In addition, have greatly simplified the process of ordering a Winery Series cabinet by integrating most all of the options into standard features. Past options like display racks, LED lights, the platinum series controller, and much more are now standard. You simply select the style, the size, and the color. These wine cabinets are made to order, so allow about six weeks to eight for delivery. Whether you're looking for a cellar for your home, restaurant, or hotel, you''ll appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of the newly-improved Wine Cabinets Series. Cherry wood offers a fine grain and smooth texture. There are a number of interesting grain variations and colors. It is not uncommon to have some minor gum deposits throughout. Cherry wood will have many color variations ranging from red to yellow and green all on the same piece. This color discrepancy offers the challenge in natural and light staining because it can be pronounced. It accepts stain and finish well. LED lighting is growing more popularity based on the simple fact that they are efficient; do not emit heat and have a significant longer life. We have included these lights at the top Inside of the cabinet and above the display row. The WhisperKOOL 2500 is our most advanced wine cabinet cooling unit to date. The unit is equipped with our Platinum Series controller utilizing Advanced System Protection Technology. This features a series of strategically placed monitoring probes, which insure efficient performance and long cooling unit life. The controller is easy to operate and has features such as adjustable humidity control, energy saving modes, quick chill mode and anti-frost function. The 2500 can be used to replace the 1000, 1100, 1200 and 2300 WhisperKOOL cabinet cooling units without any modifications. Replacing other brands of cabinet cooling units is possible but cabinet modifications will vary. Door knobs are a new feature with these cabinets. The reasoning for replacing the old style handles with knobs is twofold. Knobs are a simple, clean look. Handles can add or detract from the look and feel of the cabinet. The right style handle is a very personal choice for many of our customers. When standard handles are added at the factory, the customer is limited to the size handles they can add after the fact. by utilizing knobs, only one hole Is drilled. Now the customer can select any size handle and have it installed utilizing the existing hole for one end of the handle and drilling one hole at any point for the other side of the handle. NOTE: the customer always has the option of sending in their own handles to be mounted at the factory, however please let us know that this is to be done at the time of order. Locks are included in case you want to secure the cabinet. All Vinotheque wine cellars and WhisperKOOL cooling units are made here in the USA in Stockton, CA. Most other wine cabinets are made overseas in China and France. It's nice to know that when you purchase a Vinotheque, you're supporting our workforce and American families.

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Bottle Capacity 51-100
Style Free Standing
Temperature Zones Single Zone
Special Price $6,595.00
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