Vino Dose Wine Aerator and Dispenser

Wine decanting directly from the wine bottle. Vino Dose Aerator is a wine dispenser that mounts onto a wine bottle. Easily pour wine through wine aerator for better tasting and an enhanced wine aroma.
Vino Dose Aerator/Dispenser The double task of aerating and measuring the wine is done easily with this acrylic aerator/dispenser. It mounts onto a wine bottle. The bottle is tilted to fill, or partially fill, the bowl. A natural fill stops automatically at the 4 oz. mark. But there are graduated fill lines ranging from ½ oz to 4 oz. Then presto - wine aerator. Unique wine aerator makes the best gift! Who doesn't want better tasting wine. Bottom screws off for easy cleaning. 5-1/4” wide (on the bottle), 3-3/4” high.
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