VinGardeValise Grande 04 Travel Suitcase With TSA Lock


VinGardeValise is your ultimate wine carrier and lets you travel confidently, secure in the knowledge that your wine and beverage bottles, and glasses will reach your destination, no matter what. And we mean no matter what! Includes EVERYTHING you need to transport 12, 750ml bottles.

  • The VGV® Grande 4.0 features a 100% polycarbonate shell with closed-cell foam
  • The new asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels make the VGV easy for you to maneuver
  • A lift handle, located at the bottom of the VGV, makes it easy to load
  • The telescoping handle is constructed from 8 mm aircraft grade aluminum
  • Stronger burst straps have been constructed with automotive seatbelt material
  • A TSA compliant lock is flush mounted and integrated into the VGV
  • The interior zippers have been repositioned to make them easier to zip
  • Foam cubes are included to use as fillers, insuring a snug fit
  • The standard inserts are now 35cm, accommodating bottles with a longer neck


Practically indestructible, this wine carrying case has a 100% polycarbonate shell and dense closed-cell foam that will enable you transport all of your “…liquid poetry.”

The wine cavities are especially designed to hold a combination of bottles of almost any shape, from traditional Bordeaux and Burgundy, to Champagne and Riesling. You can accommodate a full case (12) of regular size 750ml bottles in your VinGardeValise® and fully packed, it weighs between 43 to 50 lbs.

In our mission to make sure that the VinGardeValise is the ultimate wine suitcase, we regularly interact with our customers and users, welcoming their feedback. In the VGV®Grande we have incorporated many of their suggestions to make it even better.

Important Reminder:  You are not allowed to pass wine or other liquids through security. However, at some international airports you can carry on wine or other liquids purchased in duty free shops. Always check with your airline before carrying on wine or any other liquids that exceed the 3-1-1 rule.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 28”x19”x13”, Weight 13.5 lb. (empty)
  • Typically weighs between 43 to 50 lbs. fully packed with twelve, 750ml bottles of wine
  • Available in Dark Grey and Silver
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