2 Day Designs Vineyard Cart End Table


Wine country furniture for the living room. Vineyard Cart End Table with lots of storage under the hinged table top. Personalization is optional.

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Vineyard Cart End Table

Wine2Night Vineyard Cart End Table is European influenced. Hinge top opens for large storage area to keep your wine games, wine books, blankets and wine magazines. Handcrafted from recycled materials. Our vineyard cart end table can be personalized with your family name or fun message.

Vineyard End Table Measures: 26"H X 22"W X 22"D

French writing on Vineyard Cart says - Home of the King

History of Vineyard Cart Tables

These unique table designs are patterned after antique grape crates used in the vineyards of Europe. These original crates were loaded side by side on special, narrow horse drawn carts that traveled slowly between the rows of vines. As the cart moved through the vineyard, pickers would unload their individual "hods" and return to their picking tasks. The cart, when full, would unload at the presses and return to the vineyard. The original crates were open at the top for easy loading and unloading.

To make our tables user-friendly we have added a split top that opens in halves from the middle to reveal ample storage. We have crafted the tables from rough, re-sawn lumber and added our own stencil to enhance the authenticity of the pieces. We love these designs and hope that you will similarly enjoy this little piece of history.

Environmentally Conscious

We use recycled, antique lumber whenever possible. Our designs will make a statement in any room of your home. All pieces are crafted with the highest quality standards from start to finish.

Please Note: Due to the unique nature of materials used in our designs, every piece will reflect its own personality. Variations can occur in color, texture, grain and final finished appearance. All measurements and weights are approximates. Since each barrel piece has its own characteristics, each piece is truly unique. These charming variations add to the originality and authenticity and should not be considered a defect or flaw.

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