The Versovino Wine Decanting System

Italian hand blown glass wine decanter for your wine bottle! Yes, it fits inside the wine bottle. Serve guests with this most unique wine decanter, The Versovino Wine Decanting System. Wine presentation can't get more impressive than this! Versovino serves in portions. The glass sphere holds exactly 100 ml. Since one bottle of wine holds 750ml, this translates to 7 100ml glasses, plus an additional 50ml. Versovino decants the wine glass-by-glass. The wine expands softly inside the glass sphere and breathes air, so all the fragrances and flavors in the wine re-awaken.
Versovino is hand-blown glass from Italy for extra durability and strength. It decants wine by glass. The patented Versovino wine decanting system can be put on any normal wine bottle, replacing the cork to retain freshness. You don't lose the visual identity of the wine (label, bottle form, etc...). THE VERSOVINO WINE DECANTING SYSTEM IS HAND-CRAFTED BY SKILLED ITALIAN GLASSBLOWERS It is often said that beauty is universal. This seems impossible, given a world filled with individual tastes and diverse cultures. However, quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design transcend cultural boundaries. They are true marks of Beauty. No country is more dedicated to the pursuit of high-end quality and design than Italy. Years of tradition, exacting craftsmanship, and discipline have yielded an unparalleled expertise in the production of luxury goods.” Made in Italy” provides a universal guarantee of quality, yet the specialization of each Italian company is unique. Packaged in a gift box. Give an impressive wine gift to your wine enthusiast.
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