The Ultimate Cork Collector Cork Art

New design! Do you need a spot to save your wine corks before creating a wine cork board. We have the answer for you! Use our Ultimate Collector to save your corks until you have enough for a wine cork board.
Brand New Cork Board Design for 2010! An exclusive wine cork art piece to hold your wine corks. Our customers are looking for unique ways to save their wine corks. This Ultimate Cork Collector Cork Art is the way to go. Simply drink your wine, take the wine cork and drop it in the top of this unique wine cork art piece. Hand crafted design uses routed edges and an intricate trim border along the top of the cork wall art. Plexi - glass is used in the front of the wine cork box so that you can view your collection of wine corks as it grows to the top of this unique cork wall art. Once you have saved enough corks, shop from one of our many wine cork bulletin boards. Then use your wine corks by gluing them to the board and viola! another piece of wine cork art for your wine home decor. dimensions 18.5"H x 12"W x3.5"D
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