The Legacy Fountain Aerating Wine Glasses (set of 2)


Wine connoisseurs are raving about the Legacy Aerating wine glass!  Pour wine into the wine glass and it's instantly aerated for better tasting wine. No need for a decanter or wine tool. 

The Fountain Aerating Wine Glass is made of borosilicate glass. It's LEAD FREE and designed in the United States of America. The Legacy Aertating Wine Glass is hand blown and hand assembled, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Includes set of 2 aerating wine glasses.

The Legacy, fountain aerating wine glass was designed with the ideals of a wine connoisseur in mind. Have a contemporary wine drinking experience with the comfort of a wine glass shape you're accustomed to. The Legacy, aerating wine glass is scientifically proven to aerate wine that is poured into its internal vessel, allowing the flavor and aroma of your wine to blossom without adding any extra steps to the process.

Simply uncork your bottle of choice and pour the wine into the center vessel of the glass. This allows the aeration process to take place without having to deal with a 3rd party aeration device and the drippy mess that comes with using one.

Reach your wine's potential when using the "Legacy" aerating wine glass.

When using Chevalier Collection wine glasses, pull the cork on your bottle of choice and pour the wine into the internal vessel of the glass. On the pour, the wine is forced through strategically designed spouts in the base of the internal vessel that stream the wine into the main bowl of the glass. This process creates a shower-head effect that exposes the wine to the most aeration possible on a direct pour. These designs have been laboratory tested and proven to aerate wine just as effectively, and in some cases more effectively, than third party aeration devices.
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