The Complete Wine Taste & Aroma Kit


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Master your wine senses! This comprehensive wine learning kit will help you to identify wine tastes and aromas like a true connoisseur. You'll develop an extensive wine vocabulary and be well educated when selecting wines at restaurants and stores. You'll also impress your friends with how much you know!

Contents below come neatly organized in a solid pine gift box with leather handles and brass latch. Includes detailed instruction booklet.

Set Includes:

9 vials of the most common essences (tastes) found in wine, including fruity and oak

9 essence coasters for identifying specific wine tastes

2 tasting glasses for sampling wine essences

36 vials of the most common aromas found in wine, including dark chocolate and apple

36 aroma cards describing scents and the specific wines in which they are present


Educational Wine Kit Size: 14W x 13D x 6-1/2H

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