The Amazing Pepper Barrel Hot Sauce Making Kit


Make your own barrel aged hot sauce with The Amazing Pepper Barrel.

Many of the world's largest pepper sauce brands are aged in bourbon and whiskey barrels. The reason? Time and the natural flavor properties of a charred oak barrel impart and enhance the exceptional flavors in your favorite wines, whiskeys, rums, and yes... pepper sauces too! Hidden in the fibers of each stave of wood lie limitless, secret flavors waiting to be unleashed.

For the first time ever, you can make and age your homemade hot sauces just like the pros!

The Amazing Pepper Barrel includes ten AMAZING recipes guaranteed to make the best tasting hot sauce you have ever tasted in the one and only Amazing Pepper Barrel.

Would you like a personalized pepper barrel? No problem... For only $4 you can have your name engraved on The Amazing Pepper Barrel,  just enter your name in the optional box. Maximum 10 characters. Peppers and Hot Sauce graphic will appear below.


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