SpinWine Double-Helix Wine Decanter

SpinWine® Double-Helix Wine Decanter
How It Works In its apparent simplicity SpinWine® consists of a small open cup where the wine circulates with air before it flows through the double spiral down into the glass. When wine is spun through the patented helix, it goes through a process of oxidizing and structural reforming causing chemical changes that affect both the flavors and the texture. Numerous experiments have perfected the exact size of the cup and the spiral funnel achieving the desired softness of the wine. The combination of high quality plastic and polished steel makes SpinWine® easy to handle and durable. To clean, simply rinse with a mild soap and water. No dishwasher please. Enjoy glass after glass of better tasting wine with SpinWine®. Testimonials Years of research has proven that the characteristics of liquids change through the imitation of natural processes we call spinning. Any wine connoisseur is invited to test the results by himself. "As a wine collector and avid taster when my friend brought the SpinWine® over for a trial, I was naturally skeptical. Another wine geek and I tried a California Chardonnay, (Kongsgaard) and a 96 Bordeaux (Pichon Baron). We were blinded to which glass was aerated with the device. On the nose the SpinWine® glass was much more open with a wider profile immediately. In the mouth there was a pronounced opening and fleshing out on the mid palate with softer tannins and mouth feel. This was repeated multiple times with a group with identical results. I then took the device to our Thursday blind tasting with a group of true wine geeks with our blatant honesty. Again there was consistent results. The device is best used in young wines, and there is a dramatic difference, and I will not drink a young wine without it!" ~ Andy Gyorke, MD "While working in the wine industry for several years, I tested many wine accessory products and none lived up to the claims like SpinWine®. SpinWine® is the best aerator on the market today and does away with the need for decanters. It is truly amazing what this small attachment can do to wine. I have blind tasted $10 to $100 bottles and the difference in taste is remarkable. I will never pour another bottle without SpinWine®!" ~ Kelly Halligan, Owner, Random Girl Productions "I have been incredibly surprised and amazed with the SpinWine® decanter . I was convinced of its effectiveness the very first time my wife and I performed a SpinWine® taste test. It has been a lot of fun introducing the SpinWine® product to friends and family through blind taste tests. Everyone who tries wine that is poured utilizing the SpinWine® are pleasantly surprised at the difference in taste. Now that I have spoiled friends and family with the SpinWine®, they don't want to pour another glass without it. SpinWine® truly does make drinking wine an even more enjoyable experience." ~ Colin Cotter, Account Executive SupplyOne, Tucson, AZ "We have been truly amazed at what a difference this decanter has made to even our most inexpensive wines and we have really had fun with this, experimenting with friends. The wines we’ve served using the SpinWine® decanter are noticeably smoother and more flavorful. Thank you again for providing such an outstanding product." ~Debra Malmos, AZ
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