Skybar ONE Wine System

Skybar ONE Wine System, Entertain in style with the only at home wine system that chills, pours and preserves. At the press of a button, the bottle is cooled to its ideal serving temperature, while patented vacuum technology naturally preserves wine for up to 10 days.

Skybar ONE Wine System

When you’re ready for a glass, simply press a button and your favorite wine is served.


Chill your wine to the ideal temperature based on 15 preset wine varietals.


With the press of a button your wine is poured, one glass at a time. No need to remove bottle or re-cork.


Natural Vacuum technology removes oxygen from the bottle to preserve the taste.


Showcase your wine and entertain with style! Premium finishes and LED lighting adds ambiance and style.

Once a bottle of wine has been uncorked, oxygen comes into contact with the wine and begins a chemical change called oxidation. Once oxidation begins, it cannot be stopped but, fortunately, it can be slowed! The Wine System removes oxygen from the bottle, slowing the rate of oxidation and keeping your wine preserved for a longer period of time. Different wines will oxidize at different rates. For this reason, it is difficult to predict exactly how long a specific wine will last, even with preservation techniques. Some wine will naturally oxidize more quickly. Wine is best enjoyed within ten days after opening.

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