Sex Smarts

Sex Smarts
Arouse Your curiosity™ Sex Smarts "Sassy, Sexy, Entertaining and Informative!" - Carol Queen, PhD. Sexologist, Good Vibrations. The question & answer game that makes exploring sex easy and fun! SexSmarts Cards Who says you can't lust while you learn? Whether you're a virgin or a veritable sexpert, this titillating sex game helps you learn: Where does the word dildo come from? Where are the body's hidden erotic spots? And if you're invited to a Daisy Chain, what will you be doing? If you're looking for a party game to play at your next bachelorette party, unwrap SexSmarts and let the fun begin. Each SexSmarts contains: 100 SexSmarts question and answer cards. -false and multiple choice question and answer cards open new worlds about the culture, practice and history of sex A 16-page guide packed with great sex information including activities to do at home or out in the world, resources, and other scintillating subjects. A score sheet. How do you measure up against the competition? SexSmarts Question Categories Carnal Culture - sex through the ages Bodies - hot spots and positions Dirty Talk - the language of lust Wild Card - salacious samplings 6 3/4 in. x 4 3/5 in.; 100 Cards
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