Soiree Self Chilling Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 2)

Self chilling 22 oz stemless wine glassware set is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast who enjoys chilled wine while maintaining flavor. The self chilling technology keeps beverages cold to the last drop without diluting your drink with melting ice. simply freeze dimple inserts and a magnet, designed as a built-in silicone coaster, will hold them into the base of our custom designed strengthened, lead-free borosilicate glassware. dimple stays cold for 30 minutes and has an insulated hand grip.

Interchangeable and dishwasher safe, dimple will be the standard for easy, intelligent & fun enjoyment of your favorite beverages. freeze, insert, enjoy. repeat. replacement dimples also available in alternative colors.

designer message: “dimple allows you to control drink temperature, which is one of the most crucial factors to properly taste a beverage. simply add or remove a frozen dimple from the glass to moderate the temperature, viscosity & flavors of all of your favorite drinks.

1. first in-???glass chilling system.

2. hand blown borosilicate aka Pyrex®

3. insulated grip.

4. stainless steel internal assembly.

5. can interchange the chilling units as often as you please, while the drink is in the glass.

6. includes 2 glasses & 2 chillers per pkg.

7. magnetic connection for coaster.

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