Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit


Become a Scotch Whisky expert!

Let George Dodd, world-famous Aroma Scientist and spirits connoisseur, turn you into a pro. Develop a nose that knows each of the 24 inherent aromas from ethereal to earthy. Includes 24 aroma vials (.33 oz. ea.); 30 aroma strips; nosing and tasting sheets; and a detailed 40-page instruction booklet, all in a solid maple gift box with metal latch closure. Imported from Scotland.

Whiskey Learning Kit Aroma Vials Included:

1) Alcohol 2) Vanilla 3) New-Mown Hay 4) Buttery 5) Caramel 6) Citrus 7) Decay 8) Ethereal 9) Earthy 10) Floral (Rose Water) 11) Floral (Carnation) 12) Fruity 13) Cut Grass 14) Malty 15) Medicinal 16) Nutty 17) Peaty 18) Phenolic 19) Smoky 20) Solventy 21) Sherry 22) Spicy 23) Spirituous 24) Woody

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