Roberts Taste Enhancing Bordeaux Glasses

It combines our proprietary Tasting Stimulating Textures™ with expertly crafted bowl shapes to deliver wine glasses which are technically superior to any other on the market in evoking a high performance response from your sense.

Roberts Supertaster Series Wine Glasses

Finally, a wine glass designed for the wine drinker.

The Roberts Supertaster Wine Glass for enhanced taste awareness and focused flavor perception.

The revolution in glassware that transforms the wine drinker into a more discerning taster.

660 Bordeaux Glasses (set of 4)

Appropriate for large, richly tannic reds, this wine glass features Taste Stimulating Textures that are Engaging to the taste mechanism.  Its wide bowl encourages active aeartaion and is comfortable in the hand. 

It holds 23 fluid ounces and stands 10 inches. 

Designed for Bordeaux wines but will nicely accommodate rich, full bodied Barolos, spicy Syrah, Cabernet Franc blends and some earthy Pinot Noirs.

Supertaster Series

Texture brings the critical element of touch into the wine-drinking experience. Unlike traditional glassware that concentrates on the grape and the shape, the Roberts Supertaster Series focuses on heightening the perception—and pleasure—of the wine consumer through the sense of touch.

By adding textural elements near the rim of the glasses, Roberts' stemware incorporates lessons learned about glass shape with an understanding of the body’s taste mechanism. Studies show that saliva is needed to process and register flavor. The texture excites neural receptors in the tongue and lips, driving salivary secretions. The result: an awakening of the palate for enhanced taste awareness.

When your lips and tongue move over the Taste Stimulating Textures, touch receptors send a message to the part of the brain that initiates salivation, triggers other senses and enables the taste process. Without touch to drive the saliva and enzymes needed to begin the digestive process, there is no taste. When coupled with smell, the touch stimuli awaken other sense receptors and as a result the taste process is more acute and deeply more pleasurable.

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