Recioto Spumante Glasses

An improvement on the classic champagne coupé, this stem gently brings the sides of the cup upward and in, concentrating the bouquet on vintaged champagnes and spumante. A flute is great for an aperitif, a simple chardonnay or prosecco based sparkler. But remember, a really good champagne or spumante is first, an excellent wine and then the bubbles are added. Because it is an excellent wine, it has a bouquet and by tapering up the sides of this stem, the bouquet is focused for you to enjoy. If you love high quality vintaged sparklers from Italy or France, we urge you to try this stem.
Vintage style champagne glasses. Featuring our Bottega del Vino Recioto Spumante crystal glasses. Imported from Italy! Pleasure yourself with our finest wine glasses. Bottega del Vino stemware are made from lead free crystal. These mouth blown and hand finished glasses are dish washer safe. They are even suitable for restaurant use. Height: 8 1/2". Capacity: 23 3/4 oz" Choose from: - 2 Stems w/ Gift Box - 4 Stems w/ Gift Box Be sure to check out our entire selection of Bottega Del Vino products.
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